Условия и Возврат

Conditions for payments and returns

Please read and accept the following SIA Franchise Up, reg. No. 40103962473, Bramberģes iela 20A LV- 1058 Veikals Upes Pērles, conditions for payments and returns.
Franchise Up provides you the opportunity to purchase jewellery on the internet, in accordance with the Consumer Protection Law article 10. In this case, when the buyer makes an order, a Distance Contract is concluded between the seller, (hereinafter Franchise Up), and the buyer, (hereinafter Consumer).

  • The goal of the website
The Franchise Up website is provided for online commerce of jewellery. It serves as a source of information regarding the company and the items it sells.

  • Accuracy of information 
When providing information about the available items, Franchise Up does its best to be as accurate as possible. The company offers many items. Periodically, information about these many items may change, (description, size, colour etc.), therefore Franchise Up cannot guarantee that the information on the website will reflect these changes on an up to the moment basis.

  • Terms and conditions for ordering 
Franchise Up pledges to deliver the ordered item to the Consumer and the Consumer agrees to accept it and pay for it according to the selected type of delivery. As a general rule items are ordered only through the Franchise Up website, www.upesperles.lv, by filling out all the necessary fields and confirming the order. The ordering of an item on the website is considered to be the Consumer’s compliance to the Distance Contract. By concluding the Distance Contract the Consumer agrees to the delivery conditions and also to purchase the item for the given price. *By registering on our website the Consumer pledges to provide all correct personal information and a valid e-mail address. Once the purchase is made, Consumer will receive a confirmation e-mail.

  • Payment 
All prices are provided in Euro including VAT. Payment can be made during the ordering process by using a payment card or, at the moment of receiving the ordered item at one of our branch offices, making payment with cash or a payment card. Also, payment can be made with a bank transfer if the Consumer has received an invoice showing the invoice number as the payment objective, (we advise to making the payment only after receiving the invoice). Transfer is considered to be complete when the agreed upon amount of money is in the Company’s bank account. During the transfer period the ordered item is reserved in Franchise Up’s storage. Payments must be made by the due date provided in the invoice. If payment is not received by the due date then the order will be terminated. Payment card owners must provide an valid ID if the transaction exceeds €215,00, (two hundred fifteen euro), and the transaction is concluded with card owner’s signature on the receipt. Delivery costs are not included in the price, they are provided separately.

  • Right of withdrawal 
If the Consumer changes his or her mind and decides to decline of the purchase, Latvian Republic Consumer Protection Law and regulatory Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No.255 “Regulations on Distance Contracts” state that the Consumer has the right to decline from the Contract during the next 14 (fourteen) days after receiving the order and to return the item purchased on the website back to the seller. In accordance with LR Cabinet of Ministers regulations No.631 “On the procedure for raising and examining consumer claims concerning goods and services not in compliance with agreement”, the Consumer must fill out the application form and must return the item. Consumer Protection Law article 12 chapter 6 states that by withdrawing from the purchase, under the Distance Contract, the Consumer is responsible for maintaining the quality and safety of the item during the period of withdrawal. We advise to keeping the original packaging of the item so that during a return within the withdrawal period, in accordance with the Distance Contract, the item will not be damaged. Received complaints regarding the item quality are solved according to the Consumer Protection Law standards corresponding with the Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No.631. Reminder, Consumer Protection Law standards do not apply when the purchase has been made by a legal entity. 
"Franchise Up" reserves the right not to withdraw any order and not to accept the returned item (s) if the item (s) were made for the customer as an individual project or order thus being personalized.

  • Returning an item 
It is Consumer’s duty to inform Franchise Up about flawed items, but no later than 14 (fourteen) days after receiving the order. 
To return a purchased item: 
  • Request the application form (upesperles.lv@gmail.com);
  • Add a document that confirms the purchase, (receipt, extract of the bank account or the packing slip handed over by the courier);
  • Send the completed application form to upesperles.lv@gmail.com ;
  • Return the item, in the undamaged package to Franchise Up.
  • Return adress 1: T/C Spice, Lielirbes iela 29 Riga, Latvia LV-1046, T
  • Return adress 2: T/C Domina, Ieriķu iela 3, Rīga, Latvija, LV-1084
Franchise Up validates the application and corresponding documentation within the legislation of the Latvian Republic and will respond to you with a written answer within 10 (ten) working days. Franchise Up has the right to decline acceptance of the returned item and provide a refund if the item’s quality and original package has not been preserved or the time period of withdrawal rights has not been followed. Franchise Up pledges to refund the funds with one bank transaction to the client’s bank account no later than within 30 (thirty) days from the date the Consumer sent in the filled out application form. *when returning or changing purchased items, the Consumer undertakes the transport risks *when declining an item the transport costs are not refunded.

  • Settlement of disputes 
If a dispute arises in a connection to this website, all rights and responsibilities mentioned in these terms and conditions and all acts within them are regulated by the laws of Latvian Republic to an extent, as these terms and conditions would be fully concluded and fully complied contract in Latvia. The Contracting Parties hereby certify that all disputes in any way relating to the website visits, or arising in a connection with the Distance Contract execution, interpretation or termination, they will try to resolve by mutual negotiations. If the Parties cannot resolve the dispute by negotiating they transfer all disputes, differences and complaints to any court of the Latvian Republic unless the Consumer has in any way violated or intended to violate the intellectual property rights of Franchise Up, its subsidiary companies, intellectual property rights of its partners or licence providers, when we can take legal action for a court assigned prohibition or another judicial remedy, the Consumer agrees to obey the court’s jurisdiction and case hearing in that court. The Parties have agreed upon the dispute settlement place in accordance with the European Parliament Regulation 953/2008 on the legal acts which are applicable to Contract obligations (Rome I). If a dispute arises between Franchise Up and the Consumer as to whether the contained provisions of the concluded Contract are unfair any of the Contracting Parties has the right to take legal action specified under the specific article. Also the Consumer has the right to turn to the Consumer Rights Protection Centre. If a dispute arises between Franchise Up and the Consumer regarding the security of the personal data, any of the Contracting Parties has the right to take legal action specified under the specific article, also the Consumer has the right to turn to the State Data Inspection.
In order to provide delivery services for our clients Franchise Up collaborates with Omniva. We offer the following types of delivery:

  • Delivery to a shop – you can receive your order at any Upes Perles shop;
  • Delivery to your home – you can receive your order at your home or work place
  • Riga – 3,50EUR
  • Other parts of Latvia – 3,50EUR
  • Foreign countries – delivery costs depend on the Omniva rates delivery zones and the total weight of the package.
In the territory of Latvia the order is delivered within 1-3 working days after receiving the payment. We advise that you make the payment during the next 72 hours after ordering, otherwise the order will be cancelled.

Delivery costs are covered by the buyer

*When receiving a prepaid order a passport or valid ID must be provided.
**Delivery may be delayed during holidays.

Force majeure

SIA Franchise Up shall not be liable for a failure to perform its obligations hereunder in full or in part caused by circumstances and obstacles that are beyond our reasonable control, which include but are not limited to; strikes, governmental actions, wars or national emergencies, terrorism threats or acts of terrorism, environmental or climatic anomalies, failure of a third party, internet connection issues as well as hardware and software malfunction. If any such force majeure occurs we will try to eliminate the delays as soon as possible.
Jewellery care conditions

Do not wear jewellery:
  • before using any laundry detergents, especially containing alkali, acid, chlorine, iodine;
  • before any medical procedures including physiotherapeutic and before massage;
  • before any water procedures, including bath and shower, having sunbaths, suntan, visiting sauna, training, pool and beach;
  • before sleep;
  • before using all types of creams, ointments, lotions, perfumes, aroma oils and other skin care products containing alkali, acid, chlorine, iodine, mercury and others.
  • Wearing hollow jewellery under tight fitting clothes can lead to their deformation.
  • Wearing hollow jewellery or serpentine chains heavy and big pendants can lead to change of a form or of a chain breakage.
  • When wearing jewellery from rubber, skin, silicone, enamel or metal ceramics during visit of sauna, bath, sunbed, suntan may cause chemical or thermal damages.
 Actions that will invalidate our warranty:
  • Using jewellery for other purposes like: opening a bottle top with a ring, carrying keys on a chain and so on.
  • Cleaning jewellery with abrasives: toothpaste, paste for cleaning of household appliances and bathroom equipment, soda.
  • Cleaning jewellery with products containing alkali, acid, chlorine, iodine and alcohol.
  • Wearing a pendant on a chain or a bracelet without consultation with the seller (pendant should be much lighter than a chain or a bracelet).
  • Wearing at the same time, several jewellery pieces that are in contact with each other because this may cause mechanical damage and scratches.
  • Wearing delicate jewelleries with the knitted clothing.
 Jewellery care instruction:
  • Jewellery should be stored in special boxes or package bags to avoid direct sunlight, (you should not store jewellery in a purse, pocket, etc.).
  • Clean and wash jewellery only with special tools or cloths for cleaning, (follow the enclosed instructions), and then be sure and wipe dry with a soft, dry cloth.
  • When necessary, clean and wash jewellery with special jewellery cleaning materials and then it is necessary to dry with a soft, dry cloth.
  • Gold and silver jewellery with natural stones, especially with pearl or coral, should cleaned only at a jewellers, since cleaning at home may lead to irreversible damage of the products.
  • Avoid mechanical damage of stones prong tacks, (with stone capture by "pads") - as a result of prong damage the stone may drop out.
Important information:
  • Consideration of claims regarding jewellery quality may be made only after showing the receipt proving purchase.
  • The term of claim consideration is 2 years from the date of purchase.
  • You may return or exchange jewellery which has a hidden manufacturing defect that cannot be removed by repair.
  • Rhodium or gold plated jewellery can have natural deterioration which is not a manufacturing defect.
Claims about the quality of jewellery, exchange or return are not considered if: 
  • Jewellery is damaged intentionally;
  • Jewellery is damaged in result of improper wearing, carrying and safekeeping or an independent repair attempt.
  • Jewellery with precious stones and jewellery, weight and sizes which were changed, cannot be exchanged or refunded.
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