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Flexible Elegance

This elegant strand of genuine traditional asymmetrical freshwater pearls is 2 meters long and comes in 1 of 4 colors; white, pink, purple or black. Bringing this long strand together is 1 included high quality copper clasp ring. For a small charge you can order additional 23k gold plated or rhodium plated clasp rings that add even more beauty and flexibility to this exquisite necklace. 

This elegant necklace can be worn in at least 10 different ways providing you with flexibility depending upon your mood and style choices. You can even change the necklace style throughout the day and evening to fit any situation you find yourself in. You can also match earrings and bracelets from our extensive collections with your necklace.

To change the necklace style just undo the clasp and explore your creativity. This necklace is strung with great care and every pearl is examined for quality. This is a piece of fine jewelry that, with proper care, will last a lifetime.

This is one of our most popular necklaces for at least 10 good reasons. One additional reason for its popularity is the pricing for these elegant strands. ¬

White – €32
Pink – €32
Purple – €34
Black – €36